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Here's a message Dr. Carol Look, one of the most respected authorities in the field of Energy-Psychology today, left on my answering machine about this unique educational teleclass:

Phenomenal... Impeccable... Superb!

"Symeon, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your teleclass last night on the 7 Spirals of Disease and how Qi Gong eliminates them. It was just phenomenal. I can't wait to get your DVDs! So again, congratulations. I just thought last night was impeccable... superb!"

- Dr. Carol Look,

I also got this unexpected email from internationally famous health coach, Michael Morningstar:

Great Content!

"I just listened to your call on the 7 deadly spirals - Great content! We are so aligned in our thinking. More soon when I return from my trip."

- Michael Morningstar,

Note: This teleclass requires your "hands-on" participation, so please don't listen to it while driving a car or operating other heavy machinery.

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